A Journey Down An American Music Highway


A Journey Down An American Music Highway'  

 A multi-media concert.  In this 60 to 90 minute musical and media performance, Ruth covers 150 years of American Music from the Civil War to the present.   

Here's a brochure with more info about the show. 




 Ruth was invited by the American Embassy in Kuwait to present her multi-media show  ‘A Journey Down An American Music Highway’ for American Embassy personal and Kuwaiti bi-lingual schools and universities. 

Award-winning singer, guitarist and song writer Ruth Wyand visited Kuwait March 31 – April 6 as part of the U.S. Embassy’s continued efforts to strengthen ties between Kuwaitis and Americans through musical, cultural and educational programs . 


Wyand performed for over 500 young people at the Gulf University for Science and Technology and the American University of Kuwait, as well as for over 100 very enthusiastic children at the Kuwaiti Bilingual School in Jahra.