“Bluejazz” or “Jazzy Blues” are the names given to describe Ruth’s music.  With one foot in the juke joints and one foot in the jazz clubs Ruth draws on American roots music to frame her lyrics and demonstrate her strengths as a guitarist, songwriter and vocalist.

Ruth has toured throughout the US, UK, New Zealand, Kuwait, Bermuda and France playing blues, jazz and folk clubs and festivals. She has won numerous awards for her songs and guitar playing.  

She is the 2013/2014 reciepient of an Artist-In-Residence Grant to teach Blues to High School students throughout Dare County NC.



 "Off The Grid"

 I've played music my whole life.  On the streets, in pubs, concert halls, subways, living rooms, booze cruises, festivals, beaches, hotel rooms, on the boadwalk, under the boardwalk, in caves, on top of mountains - you name it I've played it.  I am the 99%.  One of hundreds of thousands of musicians in the world that make music to live and live to make music. I've been fortunate to be able travel to different parts of the world and share my music.


"I've played for the rich and the poor

I've been applauded and I've been ignored

I've made them laugh and cry

seen them use the sidewalk for their dance floor"

"Le Musicien de la Rue" ... Ruth Wyand 




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