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“Wyand is a solo performer with a guitar,  foot percussions, upright snare and kick drums going simultaneously. She sings like an angel, plays guitar like a demon and creates a mighty sound. I’ve caught a few one-person bands over the years with mixed results. Wyand is undoubtedly one of the best I’ve seen”

 John Porter Time For The Blues -WCVE Richmond VA


"She must have two brains to be able to play drums, guitar and sing at the same time"  

- Mike Deming AllMusic  - Live Music Reviews 


… "the best slide sound I've heard in years"

 ... "feisty, fire and brimstone, JD-drenched and bleached by years on the road voice matched by remarkably powerful fingerpicking on her guitars.

...”Wyand's entertainment value exceeded my expectations. Her ability to turn a lyric repeatedly captured the humor or drama that the song required"                                                                                                                                              Allen Stratton - NY Club Check 


“The first thing that strikes you when listening to Ruth is her powerful fingerpicking and slide playing.  Using her thumb for the bass runs while kicking out the beats on footdrums is like listening to a four piece band"


..."Her vocal range is nearly limitless, and her delivery is heartfelt without sounding desperate.What really sets Wyand apart from her contemporaries is her deft manipulation of the slide guitar."                                                                                                   Angelina Scioll The Phila. Music Forum 


...“We are living in truly amazing musical times with so many talented artists / musicians around who have developed their craft to such high standards. Ruth Wyand in my humble opinion is one such artist”                                                                                        Acoustic Music Club Christchurch New Zealand 


  ..."There is a poetic romanticism to the words on Wyand's recordings"                                                                              Chris Bifani  The Music Paper of New York


…Wyand's rootsy approach to songwriting encompasses a broad range…. Swing, country blues and jazz.                            Eric Fine Press of Atlantic City


...”Unlike most guitarslingers, Ruth knows how to avoid a steady flow of meaningless riffs"


"Possessing a powerful voice and the ability to mix jazz runs with primal delta slide guitar,  has always been her forte.                                                                                                               
Chip Lamey  Juke Joint Notes


  ..."One doesn't have to search too far on the disc to recognize that Wyand has a great talent as a songwriter, as well as superior abilities both vocally and as a guitarist".                                                                                                                                       Kevin Boyce  Friday Morning Quarterback


  "Wyand's lyrics don't just describe situations: they create moods – as does her music”                                                            Peter Key - press of Atlantic City


  …"Wyand' plays the guitar, and she doesn't just strum the strings, but gets down into the nitty-gritty notes that make her stand out as a fine guitarist as well as vocalist".                                                                                                                               Bill Kelly The Sandpaper of Ocean City


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