Guitarist Ruth Wyand

All styles of American Roots Music Americana, Folk, Blues, Jazz)

Being diversified is Ruth Wyand’s specialty. Demonstrating guitar virtuosity with powerful fingerpicking, bottleneck slide and a warm alto voice Ruth plays a mix of Americana, jazz, blues, folk, country with a portion of Piedmont picking and bluegrass clawhammer thrown in. Her songwriting is universal, using a melting pot of styles with lyrics that are timeless, relatable, emotionally resonant, sometimes witty, sometimes serious but always human and genuine.

Ruth presents a mixture of originals with poignant lyrics as well as well-crafted instrumental arrangements of classics ranging from Doc Watson, Etta Baker, Jimi Hendrix, Leo Kottke to Thelonious Monk and Nina Simone.

Each song, no matter how different, has a firm Ruth Wyand stamp of style on it.

“Wyand’s shows and recordings demonstrate some serious guitar playing and  passionate singing. She also displays a sense of humor that ranges from the rather subtle to practically in your face. That being said, she will bring a smile to your face or a tear to your eye if you focus on the lyrics. If you focus on the musicianship, her skillful command of the fretboard will impress every guitarist in the room”…     Roots/Americana Guitar