Having honed her chops through decades of performances Ruth has blazed a trail for herself as an authentic Roots/Americana performer, songwriter, guitarist, and storyteller. Her songwriting is universal using a melting pot of styles with lyrics that are timeless, relatable, emotionally resonant, sometimes witty, sometimes serious but always human and genuine. 

Ruth offers two types of soulful and engaging shows that always demonstrate her guitar virtuosity with powerful fingerpicking licks, bottleneck slide, and warm alto voice. 

Ruth Wyand (without foot drums) Listening Rooms, House Concerts, Small Theatres.  Just a few guitars and vocals with plenty of great stories, songs, and dynamic guitar playing. 

Ruth Wyand & The Tribe Of One (with foot drums) Festivals, Theaters, Clubs) A one-woman band with a full set of foot drum accompaniment. No looping, drum machine or backing tracks - all hands, feet, and voice.

'The Road Goes on Forever'

“I’ve played in just about every kind of bar, restaurant, festival, theater, party, wedding, funeral, strip club, nudest colony, Juke Joint, on the street and on the boardwalk for 48 years (yes, I started when I was 4) - that’s a few lifetimes in the music business. I’ve had all kinds agents, managers, promoters, producers and publicists, some of them were good, some of them were thieves that took my money, my equipment and my soul. I can honestly say that I’ve given up on the music business but, I will never give up on the music”